Web Analytics

“The numbers tell the tale” is where we strongly believe in. With the right data, you make sure you make the right descisions in your online marketing strategy. Web analytics are very important for online marketing. Almost all activities can be 100% demonstrated and this forms the basis for decision making. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you gather the right data and analyze it.

Google Analytics

We will provide active and structured support in the field of Google Analytics. Because all data will be measured and analyzed correctly, we are able to spot important issues or opportunities more quickly and possibly before (potential) issues occur. We also take care of:

  • Structural communication on data quality
  • Clear distribution of the correct data within the organization
  • Customize and modify tagging and measurement points
  • Strategic advice on media deployment by means of conclusions from the data

Because we talk about large amounts of data, it’s important that data remains insightful. We ​​can provide support to get the right information with the right person. Custom Dashboards that can be created specifically for a site can greatly increase the insight into the large amounts of data. With the right information, proposals for change, such as the commitment of certain media, are less uncertain and better explained.

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