Linkbuilding stands for proactively working on a stronger linkprofile. Google judges websites, based on the amount of incoming links. Each link is counted as a positive vote. In the past, this could be done by getting hundreds of links from simple (spam) websites. But Google put an end to this, by introducing new updates. Linkbuilding nowadays isn’t about quantity anymore, it’s about quality. Gathering links now belongs to the category Content Marketing. Websites with links from irrelevant, spam-like and unreliable websites can result in a penalty. Apposed to that, are website who receive links from relevant, popular and active websites. Togerther, they build a powerful linkprofile, which automatically leads to better results in search engines.


We work according to Google’s guidelines, to make sure our clients never risk a Google penalty. A linkbuilding project consists of multiple phases, in which you, as a customer, will be actively involved. These phases are:

  1. A benchmark of your current state-of-affairs;
  2. Extensive research into the position of keywords and new opportunities;
  3. Setting up a strategy, which matches your wishes and goals;
  4. Searching for suitable sites (linkpartners) that match your website;
  5. Approaching these potential linkpartners to realize your links;
  6. Creating unique and qualitative content for your linkpartners;
  7. Placing the link.

Your progress will be reported in an online overview. This overview is always up-to-date and can be consulted at any time. We also report monthly on the most important performances.

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