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Write for humans, optimize for robots’, is the core of SEO Copywriting. Either way, the texts on your website should be written for your target audience, not to score in search engines. Therefore, we have set the goal of making website texts for your target audience, which also score well in Google search results. These SEO texts are easily readable, as comprehensible as possible for search engines and based on the most relevant keywords.

SEO texts by SERT’S

Our SEO Copywriters write the content of the SEO texts accurately with you. They can also further improve existing texts. We rewrite existing texts quickly and effortlessly to easily readable and SEO optimally performing information. In addition, it is possible to let us regularly update, supplement or improve your SEO texts or content. Think about blog articles or alternate product offerings. These updates will also help improve searchability in search engines.

Do you have a multilingual website? We ​​provide SEO texts in all languages. Contact us for a free consultation.

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