Twitter Ads

Twitter is a social platform, visited by a million people each day to stay up-to-date with the constant stream of news in the world. Especially news that grabs their attention. Twitter Ads have been created to quickly and simply help you find the audience that is most interested in what you have to offer, and to facilitate activities that lead to the goals you have in mind.

Building up an audience

By advertising on Twitter, you collect relevant followers in no time. Sitting, waiting and wishing is not longer necessary when you can reach a much bigger audience. You kill two birds with one stone: the enormous audience you reach also causes an increase in your brand awareness.

More traffic to a website

When your traffic can use a boost, Website Card is the outcome. This is a solid way of advertisement, in which an image, the accompanying content and a saillant call-to-action button (Reserve, Buy Now) will be shown in the timeline of targeted Twitter users.

Promoting a mobile app

Thanks to Website Cards, Twitter users can open or download your mobile app directly via a Tweet. By doing so, you lower the bar for people, since the customers that click on the button aren’t redirected to your website first.

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